Schools are buying ERP Features not Benefits.
SDAP = Buying Benefits Only


  • It is an online Assessment Programme uniquely designed to achieve academic excellence.
  • The school, parent and the class teacher is able to focus individually on student’s academic progress.
  • This acts as an extension of individual classrooms and/or programmes. Many of the basic skills learned in other programme areas may be reinforced by this online Assessment Programme. Still other knowledge will be gained and minds broadened by the students experience with other resources.
  • This facility serve as a vehicle in the implementation of the total education programme, and the design is consistent with the stated Philosophy and the Objectives of the school.
  • Successful children can establish the school brand and SDAP is a pathway to go the extra mile.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the curriculum and related materials.
  • Communicates a knowledge and understanding of related materials to students and teachers.
  • Increases knowledge of available materials and procedures which will enrich and supplement the curriculum.
  • Participates in committees involved in curriculum revision and adoption and implementation of standards of learning.
  • Helps students develop good study habits and information retrieval skills.


  • One step ahead with current ERP Systems.
  • Maintains Student’s Study Discipline.
  • Synchronization between School Management Committee, Teachers, Parents and Student.
  • Self Assessment Process in every quarter.
  • Regular SMS’s/Email’s alert to Parent & Teacher to trace Student Study Discipline & Performance of Self Assessment.
  • Parent & Teacher can easily select & focus weak ward/student.
  • An average student can get confidence to face difficult questions of the respective subject.

In today’s fast moving world, the information technology is playing vital role in our lives especially in terms of communication. The time of Desktops & Laptops is fading away slowly & now an individual prefers to use Mobile Phone Apps more frequently. To pay the development cost of an advanced Mobile Apps is very cumbersome and costs a huge sum for a normal school. We are offering our Mob App development & maintenance services on very negligible cost which can be easily managed by every school. The following are the key advantages of introducing M-Smart App.

  • A new visitor/ admission seeker can generate admission query online directly on the admission desk as per their convenience. Hence the admission queries will be generated more to the school.
  • The Assignment / Homework will be visible for every parent.
  • The circulars will be accessible for every parent.
  • School authorities can upload Activities information with Photos/Videos as per their demands.
  • The parent can communicate directly with the respective school’s departments (i.e. Accounts , I.T. , Coordinator & General queries etc.) to resolve their grievances.
  • Whenever the Module will be changed or News/Information will be broadcasted , all the respective parents will receive notifications on their Android Mobiles to access the required information. This facility keeps them synchronized & updated with the School news.
  • M-Smart App will cut down the cost of SMS pack too & will save the School’s time, money & regular follow-ups with the SMS Vendor.


  • The School Management will be able to track whether teachers are following Lesson Plan Management Schedule on time or not?
  • The School Management may take disciplinary action/required action on teachers as per SDAP Reports.
  • If the students are not performing well in Self Assessment & not closing their respective chapters on time / in many attempts. This implies that teacher needs to do more hard work.
  • SDAP will also help to assess accurate Annual Confidential Report (ACR) for their teachers.
  • After implementation of SDAP the School can speak that they are focusing on every individual.
  • As the chapter is closed by the respective Teacher, at the same time the same chapter(s) records will appear after successful login by the Students.
  • The list/records of chapter will be having specific color codes. Those chapters which have been completed by the student will appear in light green/green or any other color scheme as required. Those chapters which are pending for closing will appear in pink/light red or any other color scheme.
  • The sequence of the chapter will be the same as per the sequence in which the teachers are closing the chapter on their login. (Quarter wise)
  • After click on close button , SDAP will ask at least 3 or more questions which relates to respective chapter. Then all questions have to be correctly attempt in a sequence. If any answer is wrong, the chapter will be marked as re-attempt.
  • Whenever a chapter/lesson plan is closed by the teacher, then an Email/ SMS will be sent to the parent with the following information : Chapter Name, Chapter Closed Date, Teacher Name, Class , Subject etc.
  • Whenever a Chapter is closed by their respective ward, then an Email/ SMS will be sent to the parent with the following information : Chapter Name , Student Name, Class & Section, Chapter Closed by the Student, Chapter Closed by the School, In how many days chapter was completed, No. of re-attempts for that chapters.
  • If parent does not check their login, an alert will be sent to their E-mail id’s after every 5 days. Thus parent/guardian has to check their ward’s login regularly.
  • After successful login, the parent will come to know how many chapters have been completed by their ward & how many are yet to be completed.


  • The School Management will be able to focus on those teachers who are not following their pre-defined Lesson Plan Management Schedule.
  • Teachers can keep track , whether the student is closing respective chapters on time or not ?
  • Successful students will create the School Brand.
  • After introducing SDAP, the School can achieve next level of Quality Education and Academic Excellence to compete with other schools.
  • The school will be able to show to their respective parent/guardians that School is constantly alarming to them regarding poor performance of their ward.
  • The School authorities will receive regular updates (i.e. SMS/E-Mail alerts) whether teachers are following Lesson Plan Management as per schedule or not.
  • The student will adopt Self-Study-Route.
  • It will boost the student’s confidence to achieve Academic Excellence.
  • The student will remain more focused & in discipline.
  • With the help of Self Assessment, the student will be able to face difficult questions of the specific subject.
  • A normal / average student shall be able to achieve good Academic Results.
  • To keep track of their ward’s Study Discipline. Through regular E-Mails/SMS’s which is delivered automatically by SDAP Application process.
  • Parent/Guardian can focus easily on the Academic Development of their ward.
  • Parent may come to know at early stages that in which subject the ward is lacking & can take necessary steps to resolve issues. If we detect any chronic disease at early stages, it can be curable.
  • Pay less & receive maximum quality information.
  • Parent shall be more vigilant & alert.


As our vision inches towards reality it gives me immense pleasure with the introduction of SDAP Education Solution. Today’s Education finds the need of focus on addressing the “whole child” & so curriculum too needs to adapt itself. After implementation of SDAP Education Solution our students have made us proud by keeping the school flag high with their marvelous achievement in all spheres of academic curricula. I wish SDAP team a great success for their future endeavours.

Mr. Ashok Kumar-Chairman

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